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Platform Door System Solution

Date:2017.12.23     Source:北京鼎汉技术股份有限公司


解决方案介绍  Solution introduction:


Dinghan has the solutions for the one-stop platform door system; its platform door system has a very high matched-degree and is very perfect, including door structure, door mechanism driving system, control system and platform door special power supply. 


The door structure consists of sliding door, fixed door, emergency door, platform end door, load-bearing structure, top box, threshold, seals and other components. The driving system includes motor, reducer and transmission. The control system mainly consists of PSC (including PEDC), PSL, DCU, PSA, acousto-optic and voice alarm device, LCB and other control devices, as well as platform door system and other systems (such as signal system, integrated supervision and control system and clock system) interface circuits, to meet requirements of manless driving interface. Power supply system is mainly composed of isolation transformer, driving module (or UPS), rectification module, monitoring unit, battery, power distribution unit, etc, to provide independent control and driving power supply for the whole platform door system.


Compared to other companies in the same industry which independently provide platform door control, drive, door body or power supply, Dinghan can optimize the capabilities of all sub-systems and realize the unified management of the entire platform door system so as to provide maximum assistance to owners and operating units.

方案应用  Solution application:


Dinghan Technology platform door system has been successfully applied in a number of urban rail transit (subway and light rail) projects and intercity railway projects, including Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Intercity Railway, Zhengzhou- Xinzheng International Airport Intercity Railway, Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport Line, Wuhan Tianhe Airport Line, Beijing Low-to-Median Speed Maglev System Line S1, Guiyang Subway Line 1 and other projects.

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