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Dynamic Clearance Detection Device

Re-detection, Re-presentation, Re-location

Product Description

Dinghan company has completely independentintellectual property rights for its detection products of rail transitfacilities, with 9 items of software copyrights and 24 items of patent pending.Among the products, dynamic clearance detection device employs advancedtechnologies including laser radar testing, random vibration testing, datafusion, data mining, wavelet analysis, fuzzy recognition etc. It employscoordinate transformation and related test philosophies to perform holographicimaging measurements for obstacles around, and enables 3D image rotation, dataultralimit warning with specialized software packages.

Product functions


Device clearance (horizontal)

Horizontal vibration compensation

Running velocity

Device clearance (vertical)

Vertical vibration compensation

Traveled distance


Velocity, mileage

Integrated location


Real-time data acquisition

Real-time data analysis

Real-time data monitoring

Statistical analysis reports

Ultralimit data playback

Data export and back-up


Laser scanning detection

Product Features

Re-detection Continuous accurate detection of laser radar

Laser radar is used to performmultiple measurements, and errors are auto-corrected by calibration software toensure accuracy of detection data.

Re-detection – 3D dynamic modelling analysis

2 pieces of 2D laser sensors areused to perform 360°scanning for real-time online detection of clearancecontour, and 3D modelling of detection data,based on which sectional views andtunnel 3D holograms are drafted, providing users with intuitive 3D detectiongraphics.

Re-detection Multi-dimensional dynamic compensation

Various dynamic compensationtechnologies are combined to perform dynamic compensation for all catenarydetection parameters through horizontal and vertical components, whicheffectively reduced the impacts of bodywork hunting motion, nodding, rolling,vertical vibration etc. on detection results.

Re-location – Integrated location providing guides forrepair work

“Speed Sensor+Database Location”is combined with multiple location methods, such as “Electric Tags Detectionand Location Method” , to effectively improve accuracy of fault pointslocating, overcoming the limitations of poor location accuracy of “SpeedSensor+Database Location” in similar products.

Re-presentation – Detecting custom parameter settings

Curve display color, benchmarkscale, unit, display properties and printing options of all detection items inthe contour charts can be custom set, and ultralimit points standand can be setaccording to specific detection rating requirements of users, to meet therequirements of users on various combinations of inquiry, analysis, statisticsof detection results, with flexible configurations and easy to operate.

Re-presentation – Multi-view real-time monitoringmanagement

Real-time clearance imagesrecorded by multiple cameras can be simultaneously output by a single screen.Real-time correlations of data, contour charts and images are enbled by themaster monitor, while different kinds of terminals can be used for monitoring, suchas PC, monitors, TV sets etc., which ensues multiple-view synchronousmonitoring of the clearance state.

Re-presentaiton – Traceable ultralimit data analysis

Image recording and saving in 5seconds before and after ultralimit points is supported. Overlapping comparisonof contour charts between current detection data and the historical ones isenabled. It can be combined with expert evaluation system to implementnormalized assessment on the one hand, and provide scientific basis forsubsequent repair work schedule according to the closed-loop situations offault points to be repaired.

Re-presentation – Comprehensive data presentationmanagement

Built-in expert evaluation systemis used to perform statistic analysis of vast amounts of detection data, togenerate real-time and non-realtime clearance contour charts, tabular reports,ultralimit reports, with more complete and intuitive presentation of detectiondata, and efficient and accurate instructions of repair and maintenance work.Real-time and non-realtime printing, option printing, all-item printing andexport of various detection reports are supported, as well as mass storage anddumping, such as hard disk recording and mobile storage etc.

Overview of Product Models

Application area

Product Model


IRCM -1 Dynamic Clearance Detection Device for Railway

IRCM -2 Dynamic Clearance Detection Device for Railway

Urban Rail Transit

CRCM -1 Dynamic Clearanc Detection Device for Urban Rail Transit

CRCM -2 Dynamic Clearanc Detection Device for Urban Rail Transit

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