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Ordinary Railway On-board Auxiliary Power Supply System

Ordinary Railway On-board Auxiliary Power Supply System


Bearingthe power supply of on-board auxiliary electrical equipments of 25G/25T air-conditioned passenger train running in various complex roadnetwork environment, ordinary railway on-board auxiliary power supply system ismainly used for the power supply of auxiliary electrical equipments, such ason-board air-conditioners, electrical heaters, ventilators, informationdisplays, which is the core driving force of improving train service facilitiesand enhance comfort experience of passengers.

Dinghan’s ordinary railway on-board auxiliary power supply system isindependently developed by Dinghan Technology, mainly again more strickoperating requirements of safety, reliability, feature of environmentalprotection and maintainability etc. The product relys on the 10 years ofprofound technology experience in area of signal intelligent power-supplysystem for rail transit, integrated with technical advantages in structure andmotor system design as well as electronic technique applications. The system issafe and stable, energy-saving and environmental protection, and easy torepair.


Dinghan’s ordinary railwayon-board auxiliary power supply system is composed of DC600V air-conditionerinverter power supply and charging case.

Locomotive traction

DC600VAir-conditioner inverter power supply

Charging case - 8KWcharger

Passenger trainair-conditioner

Passenger trainheater

Battery pack

On-board electricalcontrol cabinet

On-board lightingdevice

Chargingcase - 3.5KVA Single-phase inverter


On-board audio andvideo

DC600V Air-conditioner Inverter Power Supply

It provides power supply forthree-phase electrical equipments such as air-conditioners in DC600Vair-conditioned passenger train, and for other three-phase equipments requiringisolated power supply by isolation transformers.

Charging Case

8KW charger is used for emergency battery and to provide DC power supplyfor DC electrical equipments, such as on-board lighting, control cabinet,sliding plug door and toilet waste water collection system etc.

3.5KVA single-phase inverter is used to provide single-phase AC powersupply for emergency ventilation equipments, vedio systems, conveniencereceptacles etc.


Digital Technology

Industrial advancedDSP master chip is employed to improve anti-interference capacity and responsespeed of the product, effectively reducing different faults caused by excessivephase state;

CANbus communication technology is employed in the system to improve communicationspeed and quality;

Stepless intelligentspeed fan, with device cooling redundancy, improves environmental adaptabilityof the product, and extends the product life;

Strict Selection

Domestic andinternational famous brands are employed for all the components in the productto ensure the quality stability of batch supply;

Military grade componentsscreening process is employed for the key components, combined with theselecting standard of high-temp long-life capacitors, ensuring a life of morethan 20 years for veneer.

Multiple Protections

The products are allwater-proof, anti-vibration and dust-proof, and an anti flying-stone structureis adopted for the train operating, which can endure harsh externalenvironments;

Corepower device IGBT is equipped with protections of overvoltage, overcurrent,overheating and anti-piercing;

The panels employ water-proofdesign, with Skull protection designfor the main control panel, achieving comprehensive protection of core control;

Matureelectromagnetic compatible design is employed to prevent electromagneticinterferences and reduce electromagnetic pollutions.

Quick Overhaul

Self-adapting modulardesign is employed for inverter power supply, supporting off-line overhaul andrepair with easy module handling;

Component-typemounting is employed for wearing parts, and anti fault plugging design forinterfaces, to improve speed of overhaul and eliminate incorrect operations.

Environmental Protection

Overallefficient is more than 2% higher than that of the industrial standards, whichensures efficient utilization of power and controls energy consumption ofequipments;

Harmonic content is 1% lower thatof the industrial standards, improving load electricity cleanliness.

Keep up with Railway Industry Standard Requirements

l TB/T 3063-2002 Passenger Train DC600VTechnical Conditions of Power Supply System

l CRCC Product Certification ImplementationRules DC600V Power Supply and Inverter Power Supply

l TechnicalConditions for Ordering Under-train Inverter Case of Railway Passenger Train

l TechnicalConditions for Ordering Under-train Charging Case of Railway Passenger Train

Excellentcomprehensive experience ensures safety and reliability

Military grade components screening

Multi-dimensionalpanel protection design

Electrical-structuralcooling optimization

High-performance DSP logic control

Highlevel of water- and dust-proof design

Reuse ofmature technologies

Focusedon every single detail of use and maintenance

Self-adaptingmodular design

Rapiddisassembly of wearing parts

Antifault plugging design

DC600VAir-conditioner Inverter Power Supply

Chargingcase - 8KW charger

Chargingcase - 3.5KVA Single-phase inverter

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