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Congratulations to Dinghan signing of Hong Kong high speed railway signal system power supply equipm
Date:2013-2-22 Source:Dinghan Technology Autor:Dinghan Technology

In December of 2012, the company signed a han Hong Kong high iron signal system of power supply equipment supply contract. In recent years, Chinese companies have been the firm develop overseas market, the Hong Kong high iron project from preparation to sign for a year and a half, during the project scheme through clarification, Hong Kong iron owner investigation, project expert evaluation and so on, the tripod with two handles han with the outstanding technology and great strength got port iron owner and integrators recognition, finally signed a contract.

Hong Kong high iron bidding auto-id have to follow the international project management pattern. Strict and standard project evaluation, bid evaluation experts reading technical scheme is very meticulous, for each bid supplier inspection is very strict, objective and careful. The tripod with two handles han has been adhering to the "efficient · pragmatic, innovation" attitude specification product design, production, make the products keep improving. In the face of the MTR owner and integrators strict screening, ding han company finally with first-class technology scheme report through the layers of audit, signed a contract, this is the Chinese company strict product quality and technical innovation results, the company is in all respects the result of accumulated for a long time.

In recent years, the domestic high speed railway bidding today is becoming increasingly international, the comprehensive strength of the requirements of suppliers is becoming more and more strict, whether technical scheme, project management or process quality control, in all aspects of the standard is to emulate the international standard. Facing the increasingly improvement of standard, the tripod with two handles han the company has constantly input technology research and development, improve the service standards, and strive to achieve international standards, international standards at home and abroad to complete the railway and city rail project, set up the solid brand image, for the domestic and foreign rail transit to provide first-class products and quality service.

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