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Faster Development of Check, and A New Stage for Electrification of Dinghan
Date:2012-9-21 Source:Dinghan Technology Autor:Dinghan Technology
On the forenoon ofJuly 26th, 2012, Beijing Dinghan Technology Stock Company limitedwas present on the 2012 China Railway Electrification Technology EquipmentCommunication Conference and Product Exhibition in Beijing Tiantan Hotel, whichis supported by China Railway Society, the Department of Power Supply of Ministryof Railway Transportation Bureau, Engineering Management Center of Ministry ofRailway, Railway Science Research Institute, etc. This conference was sponsoredby the World Railway Development and Research Society, Security Committee ofChina Railway Soceity, Southwest Jiaotong University, etc., and collected manyfamous factories and companies in the track traffic electrification industry.Though the conference was holy held on date 26 and date 27, there was a varietyof new products and new technologies.
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