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Established in June 2002, Beijing Dinghan Technology is a high-techenterprise engaging in the R & D, production, sales, installation andmaintenance of the power supply system of rail transit. The Company's mainbusiness includes the R & D, production, sales and technical supportservices of intelligent power supply system of rail transit signal,rail transit operation platform screen door system, safety inspection system, the auxiliary power and rail traffic communication power supply systems and other related product development, , communication power system of rail transit and relevant products. Meanwhile,it also provides other auxiliary products and services and products accordingto the customer demand. December 2007, the Company officially changed its name to be Beijing Ding Han Technology Co., Ltd.

      Dinghan Technology is headquartered in Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park in Beijing (No.3 Building, Area 7, No.188 West Road, Southern Four Ring, FengTai District), which has production base in DongGuan ,and a strong R & D center in Beijing and Shenzhen and Chengdu respectively.

Since its inception, Dinghan Technology has greatly developed in theaspects of R & D, production and sales of products. Dinghan Technology haspower supply products of rail transit with independent intellectual propertyrights, which have been widely applied in the state-owned common rail,passenger railway, mass transit, local railways and other rail transportfields. The products play an irreplaceable important role in the safety andstability of railway transport. In 2006, the new generation of high-frequencysignal intelligent power supply of Dinghan Technology takes the lead to passthe testing and review of transportation-based signal standard of TransportBureau in the Ministry of Railways in No. 458 (2005) "Technical Conditionsof Intelligent Power Supply Panel for Railway Signal"

In the nationalrailway signal power supply market, Dinghan Technology has won the bid ofseveral newly-built railways and electrification transformation of trunkrailways, including the electrification transformation of Beijing - ShanghaiRailway, the electrification transformation of Long-hai Railway, theelectrification transformation of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Guangzhou-ShenzhenRailway, Lanzhou-Wuwei Railway, Zhe-Gan Railway and Shanghai-Wuhan-ChengduRailway Express Passageway, etc. As for the accelerated construction ofnewly-built passenger dedicated lines (PDL) started in 2007, Dinghan Technologyhas won the bid of Wuhan-Guangzhou PDL, Hefei-Wuhan PDL, Zhengzhou-Xi'an PDL,Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan PDL, Guangzhou-Zhuhai PDL, Qingdao-Jinan PDL (part) andother projects. In the power supply market of urban rail transit signal,Dinghan Technology is always in the leading position and occupies relativelylarge market share in the construction of urban rail transit lines such asGuangzhou Metro, Shanghai Metro and Beijing Metro, Shenzhen Metro and NanjingMetro, etc. In addition, Dinghan Technology has made a breakthrough in thecommunication power supply market of rail transit, electric operation powersupply market of rail transit and screen door power supply market of railtransit; the market share is gradually expanded.The new product in 2012 dynamic detection products scale breakthrough,platform screen door system core performance breakthrough, the auxiliary power supply system through the test, respectively in their respective market developed.

Dinghan Technology always develops the quality management activitiestaking customer satisfaction as the center and taking "Provide users withquality products and services" as the guiding ideology of quality; adheresto the guide of customer demand, guarantees that no less than 10% of operatingincome is used as the R & D investment, explores actively, works hard, usesmore advanced technology, more reliable products and more attentive service toprovide comprehensive system-wide solutions, so as to meet the demand of thecommunication signal modernization. Dinghan Technology has fully passed thereview of ISO9001 quality management system certification in May 2005; at thesame time of implementing the GB/T19001: 2000 (idt ISO 9001: 2000) qualitystandards, the Company actively learns form the domestic and foreign advancedmanagement experience and establishes & improves the Company's qualitymanagement system, to conduct strict quality control on the whole processincluding the design, development, production, installation and services ofproducts.

DinghanTechnology implements the all customer-centric service strategy and establishesthe support mechanisms to provide product consulting, hardware and softwareupgrade and maintenance, regular inspection, training and other supportservices for the customers. The Company has 9 technical support offices(Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hohhot,Xi'an) in China, has technical support center at headquarters and provideshotline services to provide customers with7×24-hour after-sales service support,which could ensure that the user demands are treated timely and effectively atthe first time to make all devices in the network stay under the best operationstate. 

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