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CRH3 Auxiliary Power Supply System for EMU

Date:2017.12.23     Source:北京鼎汉技术股份有限公司


解决方案介绍  Solution introduction:


The solutions for CRH3 EMU auxiliary power system of Dinghan Technology involve single auxiliary converter, charger and single-phase inverter.

-- 辅助变流器将牵引变流器中间直流环节的直流电转换为三相440V/60Hz交流电,为车载设备提供中压电源。

The auxiliary converter can convert DC in the intermediate DC link of the traction converter into three-phase 440V/60Hz AC, to provide medium voltage power supply for On-Board Unit.

-- 充电机将车上中压母线的440V/60Hz三相交流电转换成隔离的110V直流电,向列车上所有与充电机连接的直流负载供电,同时对蓄电池组进行充电。

The charger can convert the 440V/60Hz three-phase AC of the medium-voltage bus in a train into the isolated 110V DC, to supply power for all DC loads connected to the charger on the train, and charge storage battery pack.

-- 单相逆变器将列车110V直流电转换成隔离的220V单相交流电,为车厢内的负载提供稳压、稳频的纯净电源。

The single-phase inverter can convert the 110V DC of a train into isolated 220V single-phase AC, to provide voltage-stabilized and frequency-stabilized pure power supplies for loads in the train compartment.

方案应用  Solution application


Dinghan Technology CRH3 EMU charger and single-phase inverter have been successfully used in CRH380BG Low Temperature EMUs.

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