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Cultural Training forNew Employees 
Promote company’s cultureand value, and guide common sense and basic vocational skills
Assistance by ThoughtTutor   
During probationary period, thecompany will designate a thought tutor to each new employee to serve as theirgood teacher and helpful friend, who will guide employee’s work as well as carefor employee’s growth, so as to help the employee blend in more quickly.
 Department Position Training   
Position training schedule is arranged in atargeted way by each department according to respective business features and positionrequirements. Objects for position training include new employees upon enteringsuch department and employees transferred from other department.
ProfessionalTechnical Training   
Dinghan isdedicated to establishment a learning-oriented organization, and encouragesemployees to constantly study and improve their skills in their positions. Itprovides a professional technical training system closely related to positioncertification, and diverse training methods like online education, as well asclassified vocational training according to technical channel and vocationaldevelopment plan of employees, so as to comprehensively promote professionalability and individual quality.
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